Drugs Essay

Although it may sound very strange, drugs have become an essential part of human life. That is why do not wonder when you will be given a task to write a paper on drugs. This topic is debatable and controversial. Moreover, there are a lot of things you may reveal with the help of this theme. Why people become drug addicts? Is any drug really a good way to solve ones problems? It is also possible to touch upon the origin of drugs and their influence on human health. Remember the information from news and various television programs concerning this theme. Use any source as you never can know what may become helpful for you. Drugs essay is a good opportunity for you to express your point of view upon this issue. That is why do not lose this possibility.

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Drugs often are the main topics for conversation; they seem to become an essential part of our life. Drugs are inseparable with talks about crimes. Rather often people commit them under the influence of drugs; and marijuana is a top drug in this list. Everyone knows that forbidden fruit is the sweetest  but is it so in case of drugs? Who knows? Some people say that it is necessary to end prohibition to use drugs; this may stop raising so many hullabaloos around marijuana or any other drug. Another point of view is that such action will give rise in criminal activity; that is why it is better not to legalize drugs. So, you may demonstrate your own point of view with the help of above-mentioned situation and use it in the paper of your own.

It is possible to reveal the reasons of taking drugs in the paper. It is necessary to stress that one of the reasons for taking drugs is that they give the strength and desire to do the things that you would never do in normal state of mind. That is why sometimes people resort to the use of some drug before important events or even before going to the office. It is not the right thing to do; as many professions ask for fast reaction and good coordination. It is impossible to react quickly if one has taken some drug. Even if you manage to do so; it will be understandable that you are not a qualified worker in some unpredictable situation. Think about this very carefully and use examples in case if you are going to write about the reasons of taking drugs in your drugs essay.